The term latex exam gloves refers to exam gloves manufactured out of natural latex. Natural latex is a type of plant-based rubber that is extremely soft and flexible. Users of latex gloves often describe them as a “second-skin.” Latex exam gloves are used in many applications where dexterity is important and the feel of the object being handled by the glove is necessary. Often, surgical gloves will be made of latex for this reason. Latex gloves are often lightly powdered in starch to make them easier to handle and put on.




  • Fit like a second skin
  • Have a high level of touch sensitivity
  • Are good for wearing for an extended amount of time
  • Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material
  • Are cost-effective
  • Are lightly powdered, making it easier to put on
  • Are very elastic and strong
  • Are biodegradable


Key Specifications / Special Features:

Disposable Latex Gloves
1. White gloves, widely use for health care, beauty, foods etc
2. Size XL, L, M, S
3. Material: 100% latex

1) Latex medical examination gloves, lightly powdered, non-sterile,
size S: Weight: 5.2g±0.2g;
size M: Weight: 5.8g±0.2g;
size L: Weight:6.5g±0.2g; Length: 230mm-240mm

2) Latex medical examination gloves, powder free, non-sterile,
size S: Weight:5.3g±0.2g;
size M: Weight:5.8g±0.2g;
size L: Weight:6.8g±0.2g.
Length: 230mm-240mm

4. Powder and powder free

5. Ambidextrous fits either hand

6. Sterile and nontoxic

7. CE ,ISO and FDA approved

8. Textured surface, to fit different medical devices

9. Adequate thickness, not effect on doctors hand sensitivity

10. Good ductility and stretch ability

11. Grades Available:

a) AQL4.0 food grade

b) AQL2.5 examination grade

c) AQL1.5 medical grade