This advanced IPL hair removal can do the hair removal and Ice cold compress at the same time so that to reduce the temperature of the skin surface during the hair removal, relieve swelling and pain caused by high temperature drying, repair the skin, can quickly shrink pores, relax the skin, let your skin return to the normal state. This newest IPL hair removal have two different lamp window sizes so that to suit the different body curve.


1. Applicable: 100~240V working voltage, suitable for all the countries in the world.

2. Permanent: IPL works inside pores, destroys hair papilla, thus achieves permanent hair removal

3. ALL in ONE with 4 Working modes: Hair Removal + Synchro Cold compress + Rejuvenation Function working in 4 modes: Hair Removal Only, Rejuvenation Only, Hair Removal + Cold compress, Rejuvenation + Code Compress.

4. TEN Adjustable optional energy levels: More finely divided to suite the different skin sensibility

5. Touch Type Button with LCD Display: Clearly shows the flashing times left, function status and power Level

6. Two different lamp window size: 2 square cm & 4 square cm spot sizes for the different body curve

7. Two Operation Modes: Manual Flash suitable for armpit,bikini and other small area hair removal.Auto Flash Suitable for thighs,arms,and other large areas of hair removal.Long press can achieve automatic continuous light,hair removal efficiency increased by 30%.

8. One Integrated Lamp Holder Design: More stable and long lifespan than the changeable lamp type.

9. Zero Consumables: No Medium, No consumable

10. Safe: No influence on normal sweat and sebum secretion

11. Convenient: Portable design and easy taken


Operation Interval Tips:

  • Using twice per week at the beginning
  • When the hair stops growing or only some fine hair grows, use at least 1 time per month for maintain
  • The use frequency may different according to the different individual situation
  • Change operation times according to the actual hair density. The operation interval varies with the different individual situation

Package Contains:

  • IPL Hair Remover x 1 PC
  • Safety Glasses for protecting eyes x 1pc
  • Adaptor x 1 set
  • Operation Manual in English x 1 PC